Not every landscape warrants a complete design or sketch. However, in a situation where a project is very complex and/or planned for a multi-phase install, a well prepared landscape design is essential. A landscape design acts as a guideline which helps paint a picture for you and all involved prior to and over the duration of a project install. 

Depending on the scope of a project, we can determine just what level of landscape planning is necessary. Our designs range from simple sketches to large scale detailed representations of items such as hardscape, lighting, irrigation, carpentry, and planting design.

During an initial free consultation, it can be determined if a landscape plan will be a necessary element of your project. Pricing for landscape designs and sketches are based on the estimated time that will be invested in project generation. Our fees are reasonable, as they are simply intended cover the time invested for your designer to generate project ideas and visual representations. Our goal is to generate comprehensive landscape design elements that consider all of your input and objectives and then see the project come to fruition.

Project estimates generated from a final landscape plan are of no additional cost. These estimates can easily be structured to isolate and accurately price elements of a design that are location specific  (ex. 'front hardscape', 'front illumination', 'rear sod install').  Estimates are also structured by sequence of task (ex. hardscape install before sod, illumination prior to planting). This allows you to easily pick and choose what aspects of your project you'd like to address while understanding the order these elements would be addressed during construction.